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Luxfer 6351 Alloy Dates

PST Bulletin on Galvanized Cylinders

PST Technical Bulletin: E9791 or TC-SU 4349

Worthington Technical Bulletin: Galvanized Cylinders


In order to properly inspect cylinders, the following publications are REQUIRED:

  • CSA B339-18 (available at
  • CSA B341-15 (for UN cylinders)
  • CGA C-6 – 2013 (Steel) (available at
  • CGA C-6.1 – 2013 (Aluminum)
  • CGA C-6.2 – 2013 (Composite)
  • CGA C-10 (Change of gas service)
  • ISO 6406 (UN Steel) (available at
  • ISO 10461 (UN Aluminum)
  • ISO 11623 (UN Composite)


  • **NEW**  Catalina has sent a letter to their customers advising that the reciprocity agreement with TC has been reached and Catalina will no longer be stamping their 3AL cylinders with the TC-3ALM marking.
  • PST Special Permit TC-SU4349 has been renewed and cylinders can now be used again.  Current permit available here
  • Worthington Special permit TC-SU4957 is now listed under TC-SU11437
  • DOT-only marked specification cylinders are now permitted to be used in Canada
    • does not apply to DOT special permit-only cylinders (eg: Luxfer DOT-SP12479)